Picture Perfect: Captivating Visuals for Maximum Amazon Sales

When it comes to selling products on Amazon we all know having compelling and high-quality images is essential. It increases two of the three major factors in performance, click through rate and conversion rate.

In this blog post, I'm going to walk you through what we've seen to be the best ways to create Amazon images that grab attention, engage customers, and drive sales.

General Guidelines for all images.

  1. Understand Amazon's Image Guidelines: Before diving into image creation, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with Amazon's image guidelines. Ensure that your images meet the required specifications in terms of size, format, resolution, and content. Compliance with these guidelines will prevent any issues with your listings and make sure your images actually get uploaded to the listing. The obvious ones are, don't put any links to your website in the images, don't show other brands directly, put the main image on a clear white background.
  2. High-Quality Product Photography: Investing in professional product photography is a must for creating captivating Amazon images. Hire a skilled photographer or consider purchasing a high-quality camera and learning product photography techniques yourself. Ensure that your product is well-lit, and showcase it from various angles to give customers a comprehensive view. We've historically seen click-through and conversion rates more than double by using high-quality photos as opposed to ones supplied by the supplier or taken on a phone.

Next up we're going to focus on the main image, the one people see when browsing amazon. This is the one image that can impact your click through rate, the rest are for conversion rate, so without this being optimised nobody will click the listing. I want you to look at the images below and tell me which one you think looks better.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

Image 1 does not fill the space properly. There is a ton of white space on the sides of the product and therefore it doesn't stand out on search results well at all. We've seen these always have the worse CTR of all the professionally shot photos.

Image 2 cleverly uses their pipette to take up more of the white space and fill their image almost entirely. Using tricks like this are a great way to fill out the space and increase CTR.

Image 3 is controversial. Technically these images are against Amazon terms of service, but we're seeing them running a huge amount of the time which makes me think this a rule they're not too concerned with. It does drastically increase CTR and you can see why, it's bolder and brighter so it naturally grabs attention better than a plain image, but there is a chance the image will be rejected. I think it's worth giving it a go and if it gets rejected you can always upload something different, this isn't the sort of thing that gets your account banned.

Image 4 is similar to image 3 where technically you shouldn't have a picture of both the product and the box but again, almost everyone is doing it so it's worth the risk.

The main point we see that makes a difference is you should try and fill the space as much as possible, and if you have a way to get some extra attention with colours, then go for it.

Images 2 and on

These are the images that will change your conversion rate more than anything else you can do. It is also where I find most sellers slip up. The main image is relatively straightforward, you have to have it on plain white and you just need to fill the space where possible. These images are where you have all the choice and you'll need to decide what to show so here are some guidelines based on what we've seen work for our clients. Firstly, it's important to note that when buying online a customer can't touch and interact with a product the same way they can in a store so images are your only way to do this. That's why they're so important and why they have such an impact. Anyway, here's a breakdown of what we recommend focusing on

1. Highlight Key Features and Benefits:Your Amazon images should effectively communicate the unique features and benefits of your product. Use close-up shots, overlays, or callout graphics to emphasize important details. Clearly demonstrate how your product solves a problem or enhances the customer's life.

2. Lifestyle and Contextual Images: Including lifestyle and contextual images can help customers visualize your product in use. Show your product being used by real people in relevant settings. These images add authenticity and create a connection with potential buyers by helping them understand how they would use the.product too. This is one of the ways of bridging the gap from in store shopping

3. Infographics: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT THAT SELLERS MISS. Most buyers, depending on the price of the item, don't even read the bullet points and description. We did a little research and found that on items under $10 only around half of the buyers actually read the bullet points, and I'd make a guess that most of those had probably made their decision before then. The truth is if there's something important to say you must say it in the images or the customer won't even get the description.

We recently had a client increase their conversion rate by 30% by adding text to one of their images.

All their images are high quality but it's a $300 item and people need information to make a purchase that large. Check out the promixx listings for great examples of listings https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09LDB53N4

See below for another couple of examples of excellent images which really highlight the product benefits but aren't too overwhelming with the amount of information.

Creating visually appealing and informative Amazon images is crucial for driving sales and attracting customers. Invest in professional product photography, follow Amazon's image guidelines, and effectively highlight key features and benefits. By implementing these strategies, you can make your Amazon listings stand out and increase the chances of converting potential buyers into satisfied customers.

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