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AMZPPC is not just another run-of-the-mill Amazon marketing services company. We don't do high monthly retainers, we don't do a 'full-service' and spread ourselves too thin, and we don't do impenetrable reporting. We are simply your expert Amazon advertising partner, getting you rapid results and understanding what makes the Amazon advertising platform tick.

Unlock the true potential of your Amazon business, maximize profits, and leave your competitors in the dusty, low SERP rankings. With AMZPPC, the leading Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) Agency, you can finally experience unparalleled success and ROI like never before.

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The Benefits of Demand Side Platform (DSP) Ads

Discover why ecommerce pros are flocking to the demand side platform and how you can make the most of video ads, sponsored display ads, and mobile interstitial ads, all with the demand side platform reach.

With DSP Amazon ads, your business is empowered with the tools and data to remarket that 30-day supply of multivitamins to your existing audiences. DSP can perfectly time it 26-35 days after the first purchase while your customer is browsing through a documentary about healthy eating. Imagine the power an ad strategy like that could bring to your business.

Browse the incredible benefits DSP campaigns bring to ecommerce businesses.

Precise Audience Targeting

Say goodbye to that 'spray-and-pray' advertising method that's eating your ad spend and yielding minimal results. DSP ad formats allow you to reach precise audiences based on real-time data, behavior, and purchase intent. By harnessing advanced targeting options, you can focus on shoppers who are genuinely interested in your products, leading to higher conversion rates and greater ROI.

Amazon-Wide Ad Reach

Unlock access to premium ad placements across Amazon's vast network of websites, including their own website, Amazon apps, Kindle devices, and Amazon publisher services. With our managed service DSP display and video ads, you'll extend your reach to a broader audience, amplify brand awareness and drive incremental sales.

Maximize Data-Driven Strategies

Leave the guesswork to your competitors. At AMZPPC, we live and breathe data. Our team of experts analyzes every aspect of your campaign to optimize ad placements, bids, and targets continuously across the whole suite of Amazon sites. With our approach, you'll not only reach your existing audiences but meet new ones and reach them at precisely the right moment. This data-centric approach ensures every part of your ad spend is put to the most effective use.

Drill into Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Transparency is the cornerstone of our approach. From the moment our Amazon DSP advertising campaign begins, AMZPPC provides you with comprehensive reports and real-time analytics. We know that well-informed decisions are the key to success, and our reports empower you to make data-driven adjustments to create dynamic ecommerce ads for maximum results.

AMZPPC: More Affordable Than Ever

With Amazon's DSP service cost and minimum ad spend rising to over $50,000, it's becoming harder and harder for most brands to justify starting a DSP campaign. But at AMZPPC, our optimized approach means we can be more flexible. We offer rates from just $10,000 a month, so your business can test the market without worrying about astronomical charges.

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