What to Sell on Amazon FBA (18 Ideas)

When setting up - or even thinking about setting up - an Amazon storefront, deciding what you want to sell is likely going to be your biggest concern. After all, even if Amazon is fulfilling and packing your orders, you’ll still need to source products, create a compelling storefront, and maintain positive relationships with your manufacturers.

Plus, what you decide to sell is naturally going to have a knock-on effect on your profits; with millions of shoppers browsing Amazon daily, the right product can catapult your brand to new heights and turn your Amazon storefront into your full-time job. So the ultimate question - what to sell? In the following guide, we’re going to break down 18 lucrative product categories for your Amazon FBA business, and how you can take advantage of these popular niches to make money. Let’s get started!

How to Choose The Right Products to Sell on Amazon

Before taking a look at the specific categories, it's crucial to understand the criteria for selecting a profitable product for Amazon FBA: you’ll need to consider factors like market demand, competition, profit margins, ease of sourcing, as well as shipping costs. And don’t forget that a good Amazon FBA product typically has high demand but moderate competition, as well as consistent sales throughout the year, and a good profit margin (after accounting for Amazon's fees and shipping costs, as well as any Amazon advertising services you might use). Additionally, you might want to consider products that are lightweight and small, as these are cheaper to store and ship.

18 Product Categories to Sell on Amazon

Electronics and Accessories

This category is ever-popular and constantly evolving; with technology advancing rapidly, there's always a demand for the latest gadgets and their accessories. Think charging cables, phone cases, or smart home devices - the types of things YOU might buy on Amazon all the time.

Home and Kitchen

Products for the home and kitchen can range from utensils and cookware to decorative items; these products often have a broad appeal and can include trending items like eco-friendly kitchenware or innovative storage solutions. And because you’re using FBA, you don’t need to worry about storage space in your home or garage.

Health and Wellness

As people become more health-conscious, products in this category see a steady increase in demand. This can include fitness equipment, nutritional supplements, and wellness gadgets - but you’ll want to ensure quality. When people buy health and wellness products they’ll be looking for tangible results, so you should only offer products worth their salt.

Beauty and Personal Care

This sector is huge on Amazon, encompassing everything from skincare and haircare products to beauty tools. Like with health and wellness, the key is to find products that are actually effective at doing what they claim to; this will help build trust for your store via positive reviews.

Fashion and Accessories

While fashion can be a challenging category due to size variations and trends, accessories like handbags, scarves, and belts can be lucrative. You might also want to look at filling gaps in the regular clothing market; for example, plus-size clothes and shoes, or clothing for shorter individuals.

Toys and Games

Always in demand, toys and games can be a profitable category, especially during the Christmas and festive seasons. Focus on educational toys or unique games that aren’t readily available in high street stores, as this increases the possibility of having a viral product.

Books and Stationery

Despite the digital age, there's still a significant market for physical books and stationery, especially if you’ve got a creative flair. All you need is a good manufacturer and a Canva account, and you could sell niche books, planners, or even specialty writing instruments.

Pet Products

The pet market is huge in 2023, and includes items like pet food, toys, beds, and grooming tools. Products that cater to pet health and wellbeing are particularly popular, and marketing for pets is always fun!

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Sports and Outdoors

Sports equipment, outdoor gear, and fitness accessories are consistently in demand all year round, making it a highly profitable Amazon category. Again, niche products within this category are likely to be the most profitable, so think about sporting and gym equipment that you don’t tend to see in your local sports shop.

Baby Products

Hundreds of thousands of babies are born every day, which means baby products, such as toys, clothing, and care items, are always in fashion! Whether it be baby clothes, nursery decor or practical items for new parents, the baby niche offers plenty of product diversity and high demand.

Electronics Accessories

In our increasingly digital world, accessories like screen protectors, cases, and chargers have a steady market - and this doesn’t have to be a boring niche! You could consider selling custom phone cases for gift seasons, as customers tend to pay higher prices for personalised items.


Fashion jewellery, including handmade or custom pieces, can be a profitable niche, but quality is of the utmost importance here. It's important to focus on unique designs or materials, as well as high quality jewellery findings that won’t break at the slightest pressure.

Home Improvement and Tools

DIY is more popular than ever, making tools and home improvement products a good choice. Think of small tools, smart home devices, or DIY kits - but make sure you’re knowledgeable in this area. After all, you’ll be tasked with writing product descriptions and designing your storefront, and unless you want to hire someone to do it, you need to make your copy convincing.


For car enthusiasts, automotive accessories - like car chargers, seat covers, or maintenance tools - have a strong niche market on Amazon. As with DIY tools, it’s important for you to have a minimum of expertise if you’re planning to go down this route (pardon the pun).

Electronics and Gadgets

Innovative or unique electronics and gadgets  - especially ones that you can’t get on your regular high street - can catch the eye of tech enthusiasts, and are also increasingly likely to go viral on marketing platforms, provided that they’re unique enough. Items like fitness trackers, cameras, or portable tech are popular, but make sure your products have a unique USP to bring customers in.

Party and Event Supplies

So many people now head straight to Amazon when planning parties, making party-planning another highly profitable niche on Amazon. This category includes decorations, disposable tableware, and other party essentials, as well as seasonal and themed products that can be particularly successful during Christmas, Easter, and during other celebrations.

Craft and Hobby Supplies

Second to last, craft and hobby supplies cater to a passionate and creative audience who are always looking for high-quality, affordable materials. Products in this niche could range from knitting materials to specialty crafting tools, but do note that these tend to sell quite cheap on Amazon.

Unique and Niche Products

Finally, consider selling unique or niche products. These can be items with a specific appeal or products that cater to a particular hobby, niche, audience, or interest - think about tools that you wish you had, or a gap in the market that you’d always wished someone else would fill. Having a unique product might be difficult at first, but marketing it correctly could result in you getting your first viral product, and eventually, a popular, successful Amazon shop.

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