Why & ‘How To’ Run Branded Ads on Amazon

February 25, 2021

Here, we’ll get into the technical ‘how to’ branded ads on Amazon and how they work. We cover the essential need to harvest the data and then make the best use of it. There is no reason to be running ineffective Amazon PPC Campaigns. Further – there is absolutely no way that you want your competitors appearing when people are searching for your brand…

What are Branded Ads on Amazon?

In essence, when you are choosing where you Amazon PPC adverts will appear in searches, there is the option for you to choose a Branded Advertising campaign.

It is used to stop competitors taking placements on your products and on branded searches. So, if you’ve built up your brand and it’s name to a point where customers are searching for you by name, you don’t want your competitors appearing in those searches.

Plus, Branded Advertising can be used to up or down-sell bundles and accessories. These are the related products you see that people might be interested to buy.


Let’s look at some examples of brands who are not using Branded Advertising on Amazon

Below, you can see in the Amazon search bar that we’ve searched for ‘Happy Beds’. This is a brand. So this is what we mean by a brand search. The only thing that Happy Beds want appearing here, is their products. If they aren’t doing Branded Advertising, other brands will appear. Other brands are not blocked from appearing.

In the first oval – you can see that the brand Coavas have the first products that appear. Not Happy Beds.

In the second oval – you can see that other competitors of Happy Beds have bid to be placed here. Happy Beds have not prevented this by using Branded Advertising.

The third oval shows, finally, a Happy Beds product. Not only is this completely financially ineffective on many levels for Happy Beds, but in addition, it’s confusing for their customers.

Protect your brand, use branded advertising on Amazon!

A further example of why you should use branded advertising campaigns on Amazon

In the image below, we’re looking at a product listing for Happy Beds.

Competitors have chosen to have their ads appear on Happy Bed’s product page. Your product page is your sales page. It’s one of the last decision making stages. Your customers are making their final research steps.

You do not want them to be looking at competitors!

Examples of Successful Branded Advertising Campaigns on Amazon, for brand defense

HP are successfully defending their brand and protecting their sales.

We’ve searched for HP printer. All we can see on the page is HP branded product adverts. Not HP competitors. Just HP are appearing when you search for HP printers. This is a brand that are actively defending their position in Amazon Branded Search results.

Specifically – the first oval demonstrates HP placing a sponsored brand ad (as part of their defence strategy to not lose valuable customer attention at this stage, to competitors)

The second oval shows a sponsored brand video ad. Another form of HP’s brand defence strategy.

The third oval is showing the product keyword targeting part of HP’s brand defence strategy on Amazon.

HP are covering all bases to protect their profits and ensure that once a potential customer is searching for their brand name, that customer cannot be diverted towards competitor brands.

On HP’s product page, you can see that HP are placing sponsored product, product targeting. Again, defending their brand. There are some competitors appearing here, so it’s not ‘perfect’ but overall, they are putting great measures in place to protect their Amazon e commerce sales.

How to run Branded Ads on Amazon

How to run Branded Ads on Amazon

  1. Create separate campaigns, labelled ‘branded’
  2. Write down all variations of brand name. Go through your search term report and filter for them. Then gather all relevant ASINs
  3. Create 5 campaigns:
  4. SP – Keyword Targeting
    SP – Product Targeting
    SB – Keyword Targeting
    SB – Product Targeting
    SD – Product Targeting
  5. Add keywords to keyword targeting and ASINs to product targeting
  6. Then add all of these as negatives to all other campaigns
  7. The reason for splitting out campaigns is it allows better control over ACOS and bidding. Why would you want to overspend on sales you are likely to get anyway? You are the most relevant product to appear in your own branded search. Therefore, you will pay lower CPC than your competitors. It is common to see branded keywords have a CPC of 90% less than the suggested bid.

We hope this all helps you with your brand defence strategy on Amazon and improving your profitability. If you have questions and would like to speak to our consultants about significantly boosting your sales – please contact us!

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