Protein Co - Competing With The Biggest

Analysis of the Account

Protein Co are a supplement brand in the Canadian market, by the name you can guess they primarily sell protein powder, but also a range of other gym based supplements. Supplements in general are competitive but this is certainly one of the most.

The goal here was growth from day one. Protein Co wanted to establish themselves as a major force within the Amazon space and continue to build on their previous success

After our initial analysis of the account we found a few major areas for improvement. They had all the typical issues you can see in any of the other case studies like Promixx. I won't go into massive detail on that here so if you want to know more have a look at that case study. The gist of it is there was a lack of exact match targeting and product targeting as well as ad types which result in wasted spend and low impressions. The more unique issue to this account was the campaign structuring.

This is essential for supplements and other high-lifetime value brands. The difference is that these brands have two distinct types of buyers, repeat and new to brand customers and both need to be targeted differently as they each have a very different value. See more about this here.

Below you can see the graph of the 8 months since we took over ads management for Protein Co

See the massive growth curve over the past 8 months.

The First Eight Months

We've had some incredible success over this initial period and we can put some of the initial rise into the easy wins such as wasted spend, product targeting and the ad types. beyond that The ability to target new-to-brand vs repeat customers has allowed us to actually increase our ACOS while also increasing long-term profits and revenues because we know that these sales are acquiring new customers that have very high LTV thanks to great brand retention. On top of this we've had multiple successful launches to help expand the brand and make it one of the most established supplement brands in the gym space.

Below you can see their YoY results. This was a 50.6% increase in TOTAL sales YoY. Ad sales YoY increase was 139.4%

Previous year
Current Year

The Next Eight Months

Naturally having such success in Canada has made us start to consider the US market. This will be far more competitive and require a large investment but given the success of the brand there is no reason we won't achieve this through 2023 and into 2024.

Overall Changes

Over the full eight-month period we observed the following changes. We've estimated profit based on their 32% profit margin

Our eight-month sales

Total Sales: $914,360.99

Comparable previous year sales

Sales: $637,439.76

Improvement Over 8 months

SALES: $276,921.23+ (+50.6%)

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