Design A Stone

Analysis of previous results

Design a stone are a small business that builds custom stones for various outdoor decor like address stones. We have been working with them since March of 2022, and they came to us with an ever-growing business but a lack of efficient advertising. Our goal was to continue and accelerate the growth trajectory so that they would see ongoing success.

Month without management

Their previous results were promising with big increases in revenue but they were still not clearing the $10,000 a month benchmark figure. After a deep audit of the account and the market as a whole we noticed a real lack of competition in this field, particularly on the advertising side. Therefore our strategy revolved around aggressive advertising to grow the account as fast as possible before anyone else caught on to this open mark.

The First Three Months

First three months of results

What you'll see over the first three months was that the first month was relatively slow in terms of growth and we saw very little in the advertising sales. The first month is about correcting campaign structure and gathering data. This can result in volatile results, but once it's been established, we have the foundation to push for continual growth. During this time we perform constant testing to filter for the optimal keywords that, once found, we can drive maximum traffic to.

You'll also notice the large increase in organic sales. This is something we focus on as much as the PPC. We want to grow your entire account, not just the advertising, so the goal here was to position Design a Stone highly for keywords that were likely to rank well organically, and the PPC sales give a strong signal to Amazon that these are relevant products resulting in better placements.

The Following Two Months

Next two months of results

The strategy for these two months was broadly similar with an aim to continue driving aggressive PPC growth and higher organic placements. The major difference was competitors were beginning to run ads too so we had to setup our defensive branded campaigns to ensure that we help all the top spots.

Overall Changes

Over the full five-month period we observed the following changes.

Projected 5-month figures

Sales: $45,500

Total ACOS: 43.65%

Figures Achieved over 5 Months

Sales: $129,880

Total ACOS: 32.28%

Improvement Over 5 months

SALES: $84,380+ (+185.4%)

Total ACOS: -11.37% (-26%)

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