Tanya Creations - How To Handle a Ton Of SKUs


  • High volume of SKUs rather than focusing on a few products
  • Similar to the print-on-demand world with constantly new products


  • No distinction in ad spend allocation among products
  • Incorrect products receiving large ad budgets
  • Heavy reliance on automatic targeting leading to wasted spend
  • Lack of sponsored brand and display ads


  • Split products into clearly defined groups:
    • Make campaigns for small sellers not just the large ones. Small sellers add up with high volumes
    • Initial split by design to ensure relevance in ad targeting
    • Further split products into ad groups based on sales volume
    • Ensured relevant keywords and adjusted bids for highest performing products
  • Implemented exact term separation to reduce wasted spend

First Three Months

  • Achieved a 90% increase in overall sales
  • Achieved a 200% increase in ad sales
  • Decreased ACOS
  • Reallocated budget from poor performing ASINs to top performers
  • Improved conversion rate from 5.8% to 7.4% (nearly 30% improvement)
  • Improved campaign structure, reducing reliance on automatic campaigns
  • Increased precision in bids through more exact match campaigns

Full 12 Months

  • Achieved over $750k in revenue with a profitable TACOS
  • Previous year’s revenue was $400,000
  • Continued monthly growth through a developed launch strategy for new products

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