Urban Effort - Making Your First $100k Month

How Urban Effort Achieved Their 1st $100k Month

Urban Effort are an apparel company that specialises in fashionable and functional hats. Before out management the owner had been handling everything.by himself, and he'd achieved some very impressive results by achieving peak sales months of over $70,000. However, at this point, he realised that handling your Amazon account alone makes no sense. Most Amazon businesses reach a point where it's very hard to handle everything by yourself due to the scale, for some people this is $30k a month, for others it's $100k, it depends massively on the complexity of the account.

After doing our initial analysis we found the typical issues, poor campaign structuring leading to wasted spend and a lack of sponsored brand and display ads. The difference here is the owner came to us with a very clear goal. he had been growing consistently but the entire purpose of brining us on to his account was to increase revenue to over $100k per month. This is obviously a milestone figure and something we've helped many of our clients achieve so we were happy to take on the challenge.

Below you can see the graph for the entire period of our management

The Plan

The plan was very straightforward. There are three stats that dictate sales on an account Impressions, Click through rate (CTR) and Conversion rate (CR) Check out more about this to understand where your issues might be here.

Urban Effort had no CTR or CR issues so therefore the solution was to increase impressions. Given the lack o sponsored brand and display ads this was the clear path to success. On top of this we built a more efficient campaign structure that leads to a reduction in wasted spend through more efficient keyword funnelling, but the main goal here was a revenue increase, not an efficiency improvement.


Below you can see the result of our work over the last month

Over this month we were able to achieve a 175% increase in ad sales, a 160% increase in impressions and a 56.8% increase in total sales taking us well over that $100k a month target we had in mind.

Our Month

Ad Sales: $78,842

Total Sales: $115,742

Impressions: 16,588,166

Comparable previous month's sales

Ad Sales: $28,722

Total Sales: $73,799

Impressions: 6,339,165

Month over Month Improvement

Ad Sales: +$50,120 (+174.5%)

Total Sales: +$41,943 (+56.8%)

Impressions: +10,249,001 (+161.7%)

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