Anonymous Client


This client had launched their product one month prior to working with us and was having some moderate success running top of search multiplier campaigns. Organic rank was improving but they had reached a sticking point at the bottom of the first page of the de- sired search term with an unprofitable ACOS. The issue here is they were relying too much on top of search sales which is more expensive and therefore can lead to high ACOS figures. Also, they had issues with improper keyword targeting which was causing lost sales due to incorrect bidding.

Month 1

We setup a new campaign structure with no top of search multipliers so we could find out which keywords were were targeting and which were best left to a standard campaign. We also addressed the keyword targeting errors allowing us to grow sales by nearly 100%.

Month 2

Setting up new campaigns is always slightly unpredictable and meant although we grew in sales the ACOS was still an issue. Therefore we spent time removing keywords that we call “bleeders” those that spend without making sales. By removing these and controlling the bids on the active keywords we were able to half the ACOS.

We also started running some aggressive top of search multiplier campaigns that both increased sales dramatically and improved organic rank and sales.

Month 3

This month the aim was to continue the trend of month two so we setup more top of search campaigns and kept removing poor keywords. We unfortunately ran into some stock issues limiting sales which meant we had to limit our efforts for one week. This led to a slight fall in sales but we managed to improve profitability.

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