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Analysis of previous results

his client is one of the top four sellers in their particular market and was already ranking in the top three positions for most of their keywords. After performing our initial audit we found that they were barely making use of the sponsored brand and display ad types.

There were also a considerable amount of keyword inefficiencies and there was a small lack of product targeting. Also, they weren’t running any branded ads which means although their ads looked to be running well they had no idea how many of these sales were coming through branded keywords and were therefore not as beneficial.

They didn't have a massive concern about ACOS other than to keep it under a threshold of 20% which was easily achievable. The main goal was to drive additional traffic and sales to grow market share.

Month prior to working with us

Our Solution


The first and easiest change we made was to setup a set of sponsored brand and display ads. Within one week we increased their sales from £35000-£54000 which is an increase of over 50%.

Week before management

1st Week of Management

Month 1

Obviously the first week was a great start but we still had plenty of work to do.

We also set up a complete set of campaigns which split their branded keywords from the generic category and competitor ones. This allowed us to get a much better understanding of how their ads were really performing, which sales were branded and therefore needed to be running at a lower ACOS compared to which clicks were truly increasing the sales of the account.

Over the rest of the month, we spent time solving their keyword inefficiencies, adding additional product targeting and splitting out the products into more detailed campaign sets to allow better control of the ACOS on a product by product level.

One complication we faced was with the market in general. The gyms reopened mid-way through our first month which meant most companies in a similar space saw a drop in sales by almost 50%. We did see a significant drop around this time (mid April) but by increasing our ACOS targets we were able to regain ACOS targets and continue to keep sales at the new level of £200k+ a month for both April and May.

Month 2+3

Over the next two months we focused on adjusting the ads to push more sales towards product targeting, sponsored display and sponsored brands in order to avoid any organic sales being lost through ads. This meant there were no further major increases in ad based sales but we managed to keep sales steady while building the organic sales.

We did also run into a stock shortage due to the increased sale sduring month two on one fo the top selling ASINs which meant we had to pause ads on them.

Overall Changes

Projected Figures Without Us

Sales: £425,540

Impressions: 14,992,368

Figures Achieved over 3 months

Sales: £664,547

Impressions: 53,136,298

Improvement Over First 3 Months

SALES: £239,007+ (+56%)

IMPRESSIONS: 38,143,930+ (+254%)

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