Cozy Flora - A Textbook Launch

Cozy Flora Launch Plan

The Plan

As it is with any launch the plan is to get sales as fast as possible. The reason for this is to increase organic ranking and reviews as fast as possible.

Month 0

Before launching it was important to get amazon vine active so we had reviews on the product. This allows us to run ads at an acceptable ACOS. We also analysed the market to find the lowest competition keywords that had a low to medium search volume. These keywords are the low hanging fruit of the marketplace allowing us to bring in sales at a reasonable ACOS for a new product. 

We also looked at who our closest competitors were and how many sales they were doing per month to determine a budget. We decided that to compete we would need to spend around $7,000 in the first month and we would aim for closer to $10,000 in month two, assuming we saw the sales volume and ACOS metrics that we expected. 

First two weeks

Ads went live and as expected it was very expensive and volatile for the couple of weeks. TACOS was around 100% but we were able to generate some initial sales. For newer products we focus on product targeting to generate sales as you can compete with similar products with similar reviews instead of having to fight the big players in the market. Nearly 2/3 of our sales for these first two weeks were from product targeting. 

Second two weeks

Now we had some momentum in the marketplace we wanted to continue this so we could get organic sales. Through these next two weeks we massively increased keyword targeting as now we were picking up reviews, organic sales increased by over $1000 and TACOS began dropping. These are all the positive signs we want to see during a launch. 

Month 2

Similar to month one our goal is sales momentum but since the first month had progressed well we wanted to start bringing the costs down to a point which was more sustainable long term, you can’t burn budget forever. When we have a first month with this much momentum our goal is to get to breakeven by the end of the second month without hurting sales volume. The process for this is refining the targets we had in month one to bring ACOS down and adding sponsored brand and display ads to increase sales volume. We were able to more than triple sales in month two while decreasing the TACOS by 48% to break even. 

Overall Results

The launch plan relied upon building momentum into the amazon marketplace to drive organic sales and increase performance week over week to achieve a stable amazon product generating over $25,000 a month within just two months on amazon.

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