Harlem Bling


Harlembling came to us with an already successful brand. They had consistent 5 figure revenues and a sub 10% total ACOS. They had reached a point where in order to continue scaling it made more sense to outsource the advertising work and focus all internal resources on the creation of new products and other markets. Our goal was to maintain the sub 10% total ACOS, to retain profits, and to focus on growing the revenue where possible.

Our Goals

1. Takeover the account as smoothly as possible to avoid interruption in sales

2. Optimise for sales where possible

3. Keep TACOS under 10%

Our Strategy

Our plan for this was to slowly replace the existing campaigns with our own optimised structure. This is done very carefully to avoid and volatile results from implementing a brand new campaign structure from day one. During this time we began to add more keyword and product targets to fill in gaps in targeting while also fulling utilising all of the available

Our new campaign structure allows for optimal keyword separation stopping over or underspending on keywords as well as better insights into how campaigns are really performing.

4 Months of Results

Overall Changes

Over four months we were able to increase advertising sales by over 360% and increase organic sales by over 60% all while keeping the TACOS beneath the 10% target. This is due to our advanced campaign structure combined with aggressive campaign creation and optimisation.

Projected Figures Without Us

Advertising Sales: $62,526.28

Total Sales: $323,465.60

Figures Achieved Over Four Months

Advertising Sales: $288,084

Total Sales: $710,007

Improvement During Management

Advertising Sales: $225,557.32+ (+361%)

Total Sales: $386,541.40+ (+120%)

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