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Analysis of previous results

P&R publishing had barely even tested ads before we started working together. In book publishing in general there is a thought that advertising does not have any impact on sales, because people buy based on recommendations and search for specific books rather than browsing like with other categories. This is somewhat true, advertising does have less of an impact than with other markets.

Getting Started

First 3 Months

P&R publishing has a list of over 2000 SKUs. Now we obviously couldn't list them all at once because we wouldn't have the time to do any effective research. What we did is filter by best sellers and then match them by category. This allowed us to group the list into more manageable chunks and then focus our attention on the most effective products. What we saw was a year-over-year (YoY) increase of $60,000 in sales alongside much larger purchase orders from amazon, P&R are a vendor central seller.


Ad sales clearly contributed to the YoY increase but at too high a cost, the YoY profit was closer to $5,000 which. There is a natural "halo" effect to getting more sales where your organic rank improves but for $25k in spend it wasn't at a good enough point yet. We were still adding in more products and optimising the ads so it was definitely an excellent start but the costs needed to come down in order to drive further YoY profits.

2021 vs 2020

Over the year we continued to optimise the advertising and bring the ACOS down and we achieved a 28% YoY growth in revenue and overall profit was up by over $130,000.

September through Q4 2021 Ads Pause Test

Because 2020 was such a strange year the client wanted to test whether it was the ads driving the growth or if the market was shifting and they would have achieved the growth regardless therefore we decided to pause ads for September through to 2022 to see if the YoY figures continued to grow as they had been over the course of the year.

Over the previous 8 months, we had seen an average YoY revenue increase of $50k+ and a profit increase of $14.5k+. We then paused the ads over the last four months of the year and we

Here are the figures up until September. As you can see YoY sales were up by around 40%
Here are the figures from the test. As you can see the sales increase is less than 10%

Overall Changes

2020 Figures

Sales: $1,939,506.43

Ad Driven Sales: $0

Figures Achieved over 2021 With Our Ads

Sales: $2,490,225.84

Ad Driven Sales: $468,826.70

Improvement Over 12 months

SALES: $550,719.41+ (+28.4%)

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