Stationary Island

Analysis of Previous Results

This client was already running some moderately successful ads but wanted to increase sales while maintaining ACOS or lowering it.
After performing an audit of the current ad setup, we found massive amounts of keyword targeting inefficiencies costing thousands a month. Effectively the structure that was being run was causing overbidding on poorly-performing keywords and under-bidding on the high converting ones.

In addition to this, there was a lack of correct sponsored brand and display advertising. Sponsored brand and display ads can make up as much as 50% of the advertising sales within an account. They also provide better visibility and more new to brand customers than sponsored products meaning an improved total ACOS and increased sales figures.

Our Solution

Month 1

Our first goal was to fix the initial issues found within the account audit stage. These were twofold.

1. Fixing the keyword inefficiency issues
2. Adding the additional ad types for a full-funnel approach

Fixing the keyword inefficiencies came down to creating a new campaign structure. This was centred around using exact match and ASIN targeting to focus spending on highly performing keywords and product targets, while the other campaigns were used to continue building a database for us to add more converting terms later.

We also focused on building branded advertising. This was to prevent the client from wasting spend on keywords that they were always very likely to get the sale for anyway.

Fixing the additional ad type issue was done by building out new campaigns using the large amount of data we'd gathered from the sponsored product ads and creating targeted segments specifically for new to brand exposure.

Month 2

Over the next month, we focused on continuing to drive additional sales with our new campaigns, but we also needed to start optimising ACOS to ensure profitability.

Increasing sales was a matter of continuing to build on the work from the previous month of adding more keywords and optimising the bids to push traffic to the right places.

Decreasing ACOS happens due to day to day bid optimisations. Still, some campaigns were not responding to this as well as they should, so we began splitting our campaigns into smaller groups of products to allow us to optimise on a more granular level. This, combined with continued bid and keyword optimisation, gave us the results the client was looking for.

One significant factor with all of our campaigns was branded ads and a focus on new to brand sales with all the other campaigns. It allowed us to grow the organic sales massively while still focusing on ads.

Projected Figures Without Us

Total Sales: £550,209

Profit: £108,238

2 Month Improvement

Total Sales: £729,049

Profit: £192,489

Improvement During Management

Total Sales: £178,840+ (+32.5%)

Profit: £84,251+ (+77.8%)

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